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EFFECTIVE 12/1/2017



SALES POLICY: All sales from Altomira are final. New Miele Vacuums come with a 7 day return policy, and the return policy below explains the requirements necessary to receive a refund or exchange. Used, Refurbished, or otherwise not new will not be eligible for refund. This includes accessories, bags, parts etc.


RETURN POLICY: Returns may be made within 7 business days of purchase. The machine must be in Like New, Resalable Condition. You MUST provide your receipt, and must have all parts with the vacuum. WE WILL RETURN OR EXCHANGE with a 30% restocking/cleaning fee. We reserve the right to refuse any return that doesn't meet our very strict standards for re-sale. Refunds will be made via Check, and mailed to you. Refunds are only given in this way.


REPAIR POLICY: All machines coming for repair, either under warranty or not, will be subject to a mandatory $45.00 repair diagnostic fee. This fee will be deducted on the final balance (as credit) towards the repair. Any repair with parts that costs less than $75.00 will be automatically done unless otherwise requested. We will guarantee our work for 7 business days after repairs are complete. Within that time, if the repair is faulty, we will repair and or replace those parts in question for free.


STORAGE POLICY: We will contact you when your repair or order is complete. You will have 30 days from the time repairs or order is processed to pick up your item(s). We will contact you AT LEAST twice for you to pick up your items. AFTER 30 days from date work is complete, you have forfeited your machine/item(s). IF you request for us to hold your item for longer, and make arrangements, you will be required to pay a $1.00 per day storage fee. This will begin on the 31st day after repairs are complete. We will not contact you for pick up during the second 30 days. After a total of 60 days, you forfeit your item/product and will be required to pay the full balance on work and storage WITHOUT guarantee of item/product return.


WARRANTY REPAIRS: We will repair Miele products that are under warranty SO LONG AS you provide us original sales receipt AND your product serial and repair order number is still in tact on the machine. IF any numbers (Serial or otherwise) are missing from your machine, and you can not provide paperwork to prove the warranty period, your machine will not be repaired under warranty. IF the machine was purchased from another vendor and NOT Altomira Sew and Vac, your $45.00 diagnostic fee will not be refunded. All warranty work on machines purchased from Altomira Sew and Vac (Miele ONLY) will be refunded the $45.00 fee IF the repairs are not caused by damage, negligence, or improper use of the machine. WE WILL NOT FUDGE THE RULES WITH WARRANTY REPAIRS. IF YOU ABUSE OR MISUSE YOUR MACHINE, WE WILL MAKE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULES. 

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